The colossal power

Location (N51°40.3224′ E39°11.058′)

The colossal power of the Russian North falls upon all its conquerors. The Novatek company, one of the pioneers in the development of the gas industry beyond the Arctic Circle, was no exception. Up to -60 degrees Celsius and 100th humidity, frequent snowstorms and blizzards. When the wind rises above 7 meters per second in the Tundra, even experienced shift workers do not go outside. The North taught every local piece to be laconic, practical and well-thought-out at each every step. This is how we conceived the architecture of the «Romashka» complex, which is built for the residence of almost one and a half thousand employees of the «Yamal LNG» company, on more than 40,000 square meters. In terms of the plan, the village reminds a romantic flower, a symbol of the Russian field and free rural life, for which there is certainly no place in these harsh conditions.

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